Banjo Landscapes (Download)- Obi Barthmann

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12 Tracks, MP3 128 kbit/s

In the beginning there was Lester ´n Earl´s „Foggy Mountain Banjo“ and then Tony Trischka´s „Hill Country“ and Belá´s „Drive“ … and now there´s „Banjo Landscapes“ a gorgeous banjo foray that belongs in the company of such celebrated discs. On „Banjo Landscapes“ Obi forwever lays to rest the notion that the banjo is incapable of beautiful, exquisite and sensitive music. His music is bold, exciting and adventuresome – yet he never looses sight of the meoldy, which, in all cases are unforgettable. And Mark Stoffel´s lovely mandolin playing, the guitar wok of Robert Sautter and the rest of the backup more than rise to occasion. „Banjo Landscapes“ is a gorgeous panoramic look at all the banjo can be … and shouldn´t be missed by anyone. (Dave Higgs, Host of Bluegrass Breakdown, Nashville TN, in the liners notes to this marvellous CD)

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